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Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach is a quaint, cozy beach-town located along the shores of Lake Erie. It is south of Niagara Falls, ON, and west of Buffalo, NY. In the summer months, Crystal Beach becomes one of, if not the hotspot of the Niagara Region for relaxing on a beach! 

There's more to do in and around Crystal Beach, than you may think of. You can choose to sit on the beach all-day or take part in a wine tour at a local winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Right near the sandy shores, there are restaurants, unique shops, and breathtaking scenery!

Every Thursday evening starting in June through to August, there is a Crystal Beach Supper Market! At the market, you will find food and drink offerings from local restaurants, bakeries, and breweries! It is a must-do if you're in town on a Thursday!

Crystal Beach was once home to the "Crystal Beach Amusement Park"! The park first opened its doors in 1888 and unfortunately closed 101 years later in 1989! If you run into some locals, many can tell you about their own exciting memories about the park. One tradition that still lives on from the amusement park is the infamous "Loganberry" drink. Many restaurants in and around Crystal Beach offer Loganberry and there is even a Loganberry beer offered at Brimstone Brewing Co. in Ridgeway. If alcohol is not something that interests you, Crystal Beach Candy offers a Loganberry-flavoured sucker. These suckers include the 5 original recipes that could have been found at the park and 4 new flavours.

Sand & Cycles is one of Crystal Beach's latest additions to the community. Sand & Cycles allows locals & visitors to experience Crystal Beach in a unique and active way! Join us on a bicycle & see what this area has to offer!